In Store Communications

Retail environments are a mixture of people and products interactions. In store communication (graphics and signage) is the medium the store uses as a means of wayfinding information and value propositions. Instore communications must reflect the retailers marketing and business objectives.

Areas of attention are: graphic design, promotional signage, event signage, background scenery and graphics, wayfinding signage, corporate information.
Retail environments
Mixture of people and products interactions
Creación de ambiente
Información clave
Ambiente gráficos
Diseño gráfico
Benefits generated by working with Exhibium
"Your store becomes a destination preference"   "Optimized in store marketing applications"    “Shopper store preference”   ''Increase shopper emotional and sensorial in store experience''   “Increase impulse purchases”    “ Increase shopper time in your store”   “Increase sales”