Strategic Consulting

Our research and analisis of qualitative, quantitative, and etnographic market research studies provides us with the basis for the strategic conclusions in the area of emotional factors that allow us to prepare specific and executable solutions in branding the customer experience for our clients.

Areas of our research: Attitude and Usage issues, Competitive Benchmarking,Brand Equity Studies, Customer Satisfaction Studies, Tracking Studies, Shopping Foorprint Studies, and Concept Design Feedback.


Attitude and usage issues
Studies in several topics
Store Check
Actitud y costumbres
Concepto y diseño
Consultaría Eficaz
Hábitos de compra
Cuanta satisfacción?
Benefits generated by working with Exhibium
''Increase shopper emotional and sensorial in store experience''    "Your store becomes a destination preference"   "Optimized in store marketing applications"   “Increase impulse purchases”   “Increase sales”    “Shopper store preference”    “ Increase shopper time in your store”